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Things to Consider while Buying a Coffee Table Set for Your Living Room

Online Coffee Table Set in Miami

Unlike the purchase of the other pieces of furniture, a lot goes into the purchase of an Online Coffee Table Set in Miami. It is a valuable investment which, if made properly, can lend a helping hand in promoting the style factor and aesthetics of the living room.

The points given below will help you invest your hard-earned money in the right coffee table, based on the dimensions of your living room.


Ideally, the height of a coffee table should be the same as that of a couch. Such an arrangement makes room for the placement of multiple items such as books, drinks, food, remotes and so on.

Though the recommended height for a sofa is 19-21 inches, it may vary depending on one’s sofa. It is important to take the measurement of the cushions beforehand and then find a coffee table based on the measurement. You need not worry even if the height of the sofa is more or less by a couple of inches. It would still be perfect.

Length or Width

As for the length of a coffee table, it should be such that it complements the length of a sofa. You should consider going for the size difference between the couch and the coffee table for the following reasons:

  • It adds a stylish depth to your living room and
  • It allows plenty of room for a user to walk on both sides of the table.

You can begin by taking the measurement of your couch. This will enable you to determine the ideal length of the coffee table to splurge your money on. In the event that you have a hard time in figuring out the ideal lengths, think about choosing the one which would leave sufficient room on both the left and right sides.


As is the case with the other dimensions, the depth of a coffee table depends on the space available in the living room in which it would be placed. The preferred depth for a coffee table is 30 inches between the outer edge and the next barrier, including a fireplace or TV stand. This may be more in case of a larger living room.


Buying a coffee table with the right dimensions aside, it is also important to place it properly. This is precisely where most buyers make a mistake. It is necessary to leave at least a feet and a half of room between the coffee table and the couch. This will take care of the seating issues such as bumping against the table while sitting on the couch.

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